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You are currently on One Piece 868 manga. This manga chapter is entitled The Kx Launcher! Discuss One Piece Chapter 868 with people having the same interest and exchange opinions about one piece 868 predictions, release date, scanlations, image scans and upcoming events. Once you have performed the proper religious rituals of fasting, flagellation, and fear, you are free to read this review. I was expecting coral to die after last chapter, but damn, carl's reaction really brought that home. I was expecting things to reach a breaking point right when that happened, but it seems like carmel had more in the tank as far as survival. But wow, I did not expect her to have the soul-soul fruit and create god himself. Getting an explanation as to how prometheus was created was very much appreciated, and I appreciated the connotations of the name pandora, praise be unto him. Then there's the twist. Yeah. Rather than an all-loving, nurturing foster mother, carmel is actually a child trafficker who ships her children to the marines. Quite a lot like pudding, and yeah, this is going to need a bit more time to explain itself. The world nobles want to spy on the marines? Why? Is there some sort of friction/separation within the world government? One would think that at least the higher ranking marines would be fully in line with them. And of course, given what seems to be happening at the end, why do this in the first place? Carmel's affiliation played no role in her supposed fate. It seems like something that'll be relevant later on, and until then, this'll just be something unusual. And of course, linlin going gaga over semla and eating her family? Yet another mystery placed on the pile. We now know the basic reason why linlin puts so much value into the portrait, but there's so much about her life that's a big question mark. Will we find out what happened? Will pudding have played any part in this? We'll see. Honestly, I'm not sure if I can give an opinion on this chapter alone, since it deals considerably with plot elements that we know little about. Standalone, it ain't worth much. But it could lead to great things. We'll just have to wait and find out.

One Piece 867-868 Review Mother Carmel's true identity revealed!

I always read the spoilers the day before. There's translation issues from time to time as to be expected, but they usually hit on the major plot points. I went into reading this chapter hoping I would have some more clarity after reading, but it really didn't help.  Pandora isn't the actual sun, but rather a large wildfire that was given some of Caramel's soul. Because it had some of Caramel's soul in it, Carmel was thus able to command it. It just happened to take the form of a sun after all was said and done. Although this explains how Prometheus can be formed, it doesn't actually clarify any kind of connection between Pandora and Prometheus. Big Mom likely created her own version, so I'm sure that Prometheus has its own historical context for what caused Big Mom to form it, and same goes for Zeus/Napoleon. It isn't like Big Mom had all her senses intact to know how Caramel used the fruit. I wasn't expecting Carmel to be as duplicitous as she is, because as of right now it doesn't really seem like it would impact Linlin's opinion of her. She doesn't appear to have ever found out what Carmel was up to, but I'm sure it would cause similar levels of hurt/anger whether she found out she abandoned her out of fear, or was planning to screw her over. Either way we need to see more to really understand Big Mom further.

- Food Rage: Not necessarily in-depth about what's happening to her on a mental/physical level when she goes through this, but we at least got the historical context on her cravings. We got the story on Croquembouche, but it seems like she does this with cravings for other kinds of food too from time to time (the chef asked "what's the dish THIS time?")
- Past with the giants: What she did to earn their is pretty clear at this point
- Soul-Soul Fruit: While we still don't know HOW she got it, the likelihood of there being another user after Carmel but before Big Mom is VERY small. We at the very least got to see how it gives life to inanimate objects and forces of nature. If you look closely, Pandora follows Carmel around after she forms it, like a homie.
Tea Party - Again, not an explicit explanation but we at least see what appears to be the origins for Big Mom's desire to have tea parties, and her refusal to accept a person not showing up. It seems like it branched from abandonment issues, but I feel like we need another chapter or so for confirmation. In either case, I can certainly imagine that her feeling alone on something as significant as her birthday played a role in her interest in parties & festivities, as well as having a big family. 
- Gigantism & Food Cravings: Mother Carmel's story seems to have ended without us really understanding what actually happened to her, but we do know this: she fed kids directly to the World Government, for their own uses. We know the Govt is experimenting with Gigantism. We know Caesar was experimenting with Gigantism. Both Linlin and the kids experience food cravings that seem to turn off all sense of self-awareness, and they don't feel normal again until they eat whatever it is they are craving so badly. For the kids, the Govt seems to think that giving them BACK to the government is the only solution for their issues. SOMETHING is going on here, and Oda keeps giving us little pieces that may be related, but you have no guarantee that they are part of the same puzzle.
- Lamb's House Kids: Oda couldn't have shown these kids just for the sake of fleshing out Big Moms/Carmel's story, they all had way too much detail given to them, but no nameboxes. I feel like we either know these kids already, or they will have a future role in the story. I find it interesting that they wanted to sing Bink's Sake, and had a desire to be Pirates, yet Carmel typically sells them into the Gov't. I personally think LinLin had some of their babies (kid with the shades and the little prince), but who knows for sure. Oda typically has kids maintain a  similar fashion sense as adults, so I don't think he would have changed their appearances too greatly, even with how old they are now. 

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