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You are currently on One Piece 868 manga. This manga chapter is entitled The Kx Launcher! Discuss One Piece Chapter 868 with people having the same interest and exchange opinions about one piece 868 predictions, release date, scanlations, image scans and upcoming events. Once you have performed the proper religious rituals of fasting, flagellation, and fear, you are free to read this review. I was expecting coral to die after last chapter, but damn, carl's reaction really brought that home. I was expecting things to reach a breaking point right when that happened, but it seems like carmel had more in the tank as far as survival. But wow, I did not expect her to have the soul-soul fruit and create god himself. Getting an explanation as to how prometheus was created was very much appreciated, and I appreciated the connotations of the name pandora, praise be unto him. Then there's the twist. Yeah. Rather than an all-loving, nurturing foster mother, carmel is actually a child trafficker who ships her children to the marines. Quite a lot like pudding, and yeah, this is going to need a bit more time to explain itself. The world nobles want to spy on the marines? Why? Is there some sort of friction/separation within the world government? One would think that at least the higher ranking marines would be fully in line with them. And of course, given what seems to be happening at the end, why do this in the first place? Carmel's affiliation played no role in her supposed fate. It seems like something that'll be relevant later on, and until then, this'll just be something unusual. And of course, linlin going gaga over semla and eating her family? Yet another mystery placed on the pile. We now know the basic reason why linlin puts so much value into the portrait, but there's so much about her life that's a big question mark. Will we find out what happened? Will pudding have played any part in this? We'll see. Honestly, I'm not sure if I can give an opinion on this chapter alone, since it deals considerably with plot elements that we know little about. Standalone, it ain't worth much. But it could lead to great things. We'll just have to wait and find out.

Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmoke Judge, also known as Garuda, is the king of the Germa Kingdom, the supreme commander of the Germa 66, and the patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family. He is also a skilled scientist, and a former research partner to the leading World Government scientist Vegapunk. Due to his actions, he is the secondary antagonist of the Totto Land Arc and one of the central antagonists of the Yonko Saga. Judge is a large man with long light hair which reaches his waist. He has a long and thin mustache which spikes upward, a thin and small beard, and a prominent cleft chin. He wears a dark robe with the number "66" on the bottom front, a large light cape, a belt with the number "66" on the buckle, dark gloves, and a warrior's helmet. Thirteen years ago, Judge wore the same outfit he wears presently, with inverted colors. Judge has great respect for strength, and the privileges that come with its exercise. He believes that men should speak with physical force alone, a view which colors his attitude towards his children.

He only values his sons when they prove such strength; for this reason, he is proud of Yonji, but refused to intervene as his other sons bullied Sanji when they were all children. These expectations are heightened by his desire to see his scientific achievements come to fruition. He will exhibit great pride in something should it succeed, as he doted on all his children except Sanji when they developed into superhumans. On the other hand, he will be very ashamed should something fail and will treat it in an unforgiving manner, as he judged Sanji as unworthy of being a member of the Vinsmokes based on his childhood actions and performances; when Sanji left the family, Judge only wished that he not tarnish his name by associating the two of them. Even after over a decade of estrangement, after which Sanji gained immense improvement, Judge continues to refuse to accept his third son as a true family member, more inclined to the fact that Sanji could not adapt to the genetic modification than his actual past physical weakness, along with his differing behavior to the lower-class. Judge also craves power, and is preoccupied with recapturing the past glories of the Vinsmoke Family; for this reason, his lifelong ambition is to retake the entire North Blue, as his ancestors once did.

He has proven that he will not hesitate to use any means to accomplish his goals, including employing unfair advantages against his opponents; such actions include dishonorably creating a human shield, comprised of his subordinates, during his one-on-one fight with Sanji. Additionally, Judge exhibits a typical royal hauteur, holding the firm belief that royalty is meant to be served, not to serve others. He disowns Sanji after learning about Sanji's "disgusting" habit of cooking for others (which he equates with serving others). It has been shown that he passed these attitudes down to his children, as his other sons use the same rationale to justify bullying Sanji, and his daughter is similarly proud of the status and privileges of being born with royal status. He enjoys flaunting his power and accomplishments, as he posted an image of himself victorious in the Conquest of Four Nations as interior decoration, to which Reiju claimed it was to display his own strength, though Sanji considers it tasteless and lunacy. Judge has also proven that he is capable of immense cruelty. He was not simply content with demoralizing his son in front of his siblings, but even punished Sanji horribly by putting a metal mask over his face and locking him up in a dark cell within the family's castle. After 13 years apart, his only reason for seeking Sanji out was to use him as a political pawn to further his goals. He even threatened the life of Zeff(the man who took Sanji in after Sanji left the family) and placed exploding wrist-cuffs on Sanji's hands (the things Sanji values the most), to ensure Sanji cooperated with the wedding. The only time he has shown an interest in Sanji's safety was in preventing Niji from attacking him, because he still needed Sanji to seal the political alliance. However, Judge has shown hints of a conscience, as shown when he was unable to bring himself to kill Sanji. Despite his cruelty, however, Judge claims that he is not inhumane enough to kill his children regardless of his feelings toward them. However, he will exploit loopholes if they present themselves, such as allowing Sanji to die by going off on his own. Judge is a self-serving hypocrite and a promise-breaker, as he coldly disowned Sanji for being a failure, and allowed him to leave to live his own choices on the condition of never speaking of his heritage to cover the shame, only to later force Sanji to return with a hostage situation and labeling him as a son to the public (if only to provide a child to marry off for a political alliance). Judge also possesses great political astuteness. He understood the full implications of Doflamingo's fall from power, including its impact on the war on Broc Coli Island. He also weighed up Germa's current privileges within the World Government against the benefits of an alliance with Big Mom, before deciding that losing the right to attend Reverie was far exceeded by gaining the manpower to retake North Blue. Judge is very cautious being willing to take several extreme measures to resolve potential unexpected difficulties such as threatening his third son by holding his mentor hostage as well as cuffing his hands with explosive wrist-shackles, he also intends to hold his future daughter in law hostage in order prevent Big Mom from backstabbing him; it was for this reason he chose to marry off Sanji, to ensure that if Big Mom holds him hostage, Judge would not be affected by the loss of his estranged son. Ironically, Judge still underestimated Big Mom by not realizing that the wedding itself was a giant trap, in that she intends to kill him and his entire family during the ceremony, and by parking his entire kingdom in her territory he left his technology for her to take.

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