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You are currently on One Piece 857 manga. This manga chapter is entitled Simple Plan! Discuss One Piece Chapter 857 with people having the same interest and exchange opinions about one piece 857 predictions, release date, scanlations, image scans and upcoming events. It's really going to be all the supernovas vs yonko in my opinion. If that is capone which shot bobbin, then he's definitely going to mess that wedding up. Sanji's "I can't do everything I want on my own", I think that's not just aiming towards the strawhats but foreshadowing capones gang wanting to take down big mom. Obviously they won't beat big mom, where all the supernovas are meeting at wano, I think capone will ally with luffy or he'll just follow the strawhats into wano. Plus this will also demonstrate how strong yonkos really are when it comes to taking on one or two supernovas. Or capone will just get really fucked up, but for story purposes I'm not sure. Bigmom would have the power to kill any of their loved ones. Yes, she likes to threaten people with their loved ones to coerce them into attending her tea parties. But why would big mom go after zeff if sanji screws up the wedding? She will go after sanji. The tea party is different, because logically she can't do anything against the invited guest, she wants them there. That why she uses blackmail. But once you crossed her, there is no need for her to hold back.Can't wait until after the break the straw hats to use plan w.C.I. Stands for wedding crashers incorporated.

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I’m sure you are searching for one piece 857. But chapter 857 won't be released this week since Oda is taking a break. Glad to see that Luffy and Sanji reunited. Now all they need to do is crash this wedding together. I also think it's pretty amazing that Sanji still wants to save his "family" even though they've treated him like dog. They don't realize how lucky they are to have him in their family. We are also waiting for the one piece 857 spoiler, one piece 857 raw, one piece 857 scans, one piece 857 English chapter and Summaries.

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Looks like pekomamushi is alive. Who knew I'm glad we got the confirmation tho. And the rest have now learned about luffy and sanji's fight. And it looks like capone's plot will finally come into action as well. Can't wait to see what he has planned. Shame that's the only role bobbins has to play haha. Getting shot by capone I'm assuming, yonji a heavy drinker like zoro judge and yonji drinking from freaking barrels xdd the vinsmokes talking about nami tho. "Her lion personality". Dissing sanji until the very end. Those bastards rile me up. They don't deserve any saving that luffy old man look. Why am I laughing xd I don't know why sanji bothers saving his family barring reiju but as luffy said, he is who he is and I respect him for it, even tho I'm hoping they get killed. The gunshots on bobbing must have been from bege. Which got me thinking: what if all those not reporting in on their failures are not simply afraid of bm, but are in on bege's plot. What if bege plans to replace bm by assasinating her and her most loyal, so he and his traitors can take over her network and through that gain the loyalty of all those outside of the tea party?

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